Making a Himmeli Air Plant Holder

Making a Himmeli Air Plant Holder

The last couple of months I have been spotting Himmeli structures all over Pinterest which really got me interested on how they are made. I attempted one a couple of months ago with drinking straws. You can sort of see it in a previous post here. It turned out pretty well for a first attempt. Since then, I’ve wanted to try my hands at more so when I decided to visit my sister in Toronto, I thought what better way to give her a gift of airplants than to give them in style.

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A Trophy For Your Wall (Part 2): Mounting a Staghorn Fern

What you need

As an indoor gardener I was intrigued by these mounted ferns which I wrote about it in a previous post. I really wanted to get one but hesitated at first because after much research I concluded I would not be able to keep one alive long enough in my apartment as it is very dry, especially in winter when the heat is on. Continue Reading…

Moss Terrarium Follow Up: Opened or Closed? That Is The Question!

2 terrariums

If you remember a few weeks back, 5 weeks exactly, I put together 2 moss terrariums and made a post about them here and here. I had been studying the terrariums very closely to make sure I provided the right environment. About less than a week in, the marimo-moss terrarium had mould growing on the plastic flower so I took them out and decided to leave the container open for a while. Continue Reading…

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