Plants Under Glass

Plants Under Glass

Hi plant lovers! It has been forever since I wrote a blog post. That’s because D and I are expecting our first child and my pregnancy has not been the easiest. I am home off work awaiting baby’s arrival which could be any day now.   Continue Reading…

Benji, The Venus Fly Trap


Meet Benji, the Fly Trap. I finally gave in and bought one. This is my second attempt to keep one. The first time,  I barely researched about these carnivorous plants, and had no idea what they required to keep them alive except that I knew I could feed them insects. Well, it was a total fail. Continue Reading…

Moss Terrarium Follow Up: Opened or Closed? That Is The Question!

2 terrariums

If you remember a few weeks back, 5 weeks exactly, I put together 2 moss terrariums and made a post about them here and here. I had been studying the terrariums very closely to make sure I provided the right environment. About less than a week in, the marimo-moss terrarium had mould growing on the plastic flower so I took them out and decided to leave the container open for a while. Continue Reading…

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