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UJB| New Beginnings

UJB| New Beginnings

This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers theme is New Beginnings. What better way to celebrate spring than to show new growth, blooms and plants being giving a new leash on life.


Sharing a few new growths this spring

New shield on staghorn fern


Some new and old blooms. I”m particularly excited about the bloom on the snake plant

NEW LEASH ON LIFE (Propagation)

My favourites to propagate are spider plants and swedish ivy (not shown) – it is just so easy!

Yes, you can propagate succulents in water too 🙂 Echeveria, ‘gollum’, and Rhipsalis

Spice racks from Ikea make good propagation stands. Glasses and vases from the dollar store work well too. So do DIY Bulb Planters below.

Who would win? 😉

It was about time I tried propagating avocados. These have been in water for only a week.


Urban Jungle Bloggers is an on-line community of plant-loving bloggers created by Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of The idea behind this project is to get some green into our homes and blogs! Every month Igor and Judith invite bloggers to share ideas regarding a particular green theme or topic. Visit the Urban Jungle Bloggers blog to learn how you can participate.

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