Hello, My Name Is Barbara And I Am Obsessed

by Barbara-


They say the first thing you need to do to deal with a problem is to recognize that it exists. Well I have a problem and its that I’m not obsessed enough. There! I said it! Those who know me, that is not what you were expecting was it? According to the standards of those close to me, I have an obsessions for plants, however I beg to differ. Here is why. 

1.  First of all, I don’t have enough plants to be considered maximally obsessed. Having under 50 plants, I think barely counts. Ok,, granted I live in an apartment and cannot go all out. Although I do daydream of when I have a backyard and my own greenhouse…oh the collection I would have. I feel if I was obsessed as they say, I would find a way to fill every nook and cranny of this apartment with beautiful greens. Then again that would have been the case had it not been that my apartment barely has any natural light coming through to the interiors. Which brings me to point number two.

2. If I was obsessed, every artificial light in the apartment would be replaced by grow lights. Yes the bathrooms would be outfitted with high intensity cool and warm bulb fluorescent lighting where you would need sunglasses just to enter. Although I recently swapped two 60 watt bulbs for two cool white 100 watt equivalent compact fluorescent lighting in the guest bathroom But we are not talking about that.  And how about some red and blue LED lighting in the bedroom for optimum plant growth and flowering. Who need lights in the bedroom anyway.

3. Now lets look at the words obsess and obsession and you will see it does not apply to me at all.

Definition of Obsession (google): an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

Obsess definition ( 1. to dominate or preoccupy the thoughts, feelings, or desires of (a person); beset, trouble, or haunt persistently or abnormally. 2. to think about something unceasingly or persistently; dwell obsessively upon something.

Hmm… OK by this definition, my friends and family may be right on to something after all. It’s amazing to me how just over a year ago, plants were not on my radar and now the first thing I notice when I walk into a room are the plants there. I find myself moving towards the plant to introduce myself identify them even before I greet the people around me or the owner of the house. Yikes! And just the other day I was with my in-laws, looking at baby pictures of my sister-in-law when I wondered aloud while trying to identify the plant behind her in the picture. All their eyes turned towards me in dismay before they burst out laughing. I joined in. Also a couple of weeks ago, I revealed my love for plants with a co-worker and she may have sensed my love for plants was more of an obsession because her eyes grew wide when I showed her pictures of my plant collection on my phone. She then asked “are you on Pinterest?” I replied “why yes of course”. And that led to us exploring my pins on plants. She even grew more surprised by this and blurted, “I bet you have a blog!” I shyly lowered my head and with a  low voice and a smile replied “yes, but I only started it a few days ago”. Adding the ‘but’ as if, if she knew I only started the blog a few days ago, would help my case and sway her from thinking that indeed I was obsessed. I think admitting I had a blog convinced her.
OK, so this last point actually works against my argument. But that is OK. I am not ready to disown my plants just yet. They have done a lot for me in the past year. They have provided me with a hobby (which I shamefully cannot say I had before) , given me comfort and lifted my spirits when the going was tough. They also gave me the opportunity to fill my mind with something positive when it seemed negative thoughts were winning. And lastly, they have given me something to talk about with other people. You wouldn’t  know it but I am a very shy person. Most encounters I have with new people end up in silence (except for when I am with patients, but then again they mostly do the talking). Now plants have given me an avenue for discussion. I can talk about plants on end with others and even share plant stories or insights with other plant lovers I meet at the garden store. I also recently joined two Facebook groups  for plant fanatics where thousands are obsessed as I am.  So I guess green obsession is now the new normal. So don’t say ‘obsessed’ like it’s a bad thing!

Side note: *Just discovered the use of strike through and went crazy with it. Sorry it wont happen that often moving forward. I promise*. 🙂


Hi, I’m Barbara and I’m a little obsessed with house plants. I share my house plant adventures in the hopes of inspiring you to continue to enjoy the greens in your home. And if you have no plants (yet!) I hope this blog inspires you to add some green to your home. So go on! Try it! I think you might quite like it. And who knows? You may end up being … obsessed too.

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